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Add to Dictionary

Where are words that users "Add To Dictionary" Stored?

Good Question!

By default - all words are stored in the users browser cache - and no-one else is affected.

Where are 'added' words stored

Look at the AddWordsToDictionary property of your SpellButton or SpellTextArea.

To allow 'Server' dictionary entries to be written - add: to web.config

      <add key="aspnetspell_usecentraldictionary" value="True" />

Developer - Adding words to the dictionary

Adding New Words At Runtime Using JavaScript:

// javascript code

The words are stored in accordance with the AddWordsToDictionary property of the last ASPNetSPell control on your web page/form.

Adding New Words Manually:

  1. Add 1 word per line to ~/AspNetSpellInclude/Dictionaries/custom.txt

Removing Words Manually:

  1. Add 1 word per line to ~/AspNetSpellInclude/Dictionaries/language-rules/banned-words.txt

Make or Modify a Dictionary

You can download the Dictionary Encoder Application to create your own .dic dictionary files.