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The ASP.Net Spell Checker

Using ASPNetSpell To Spell Check ANY Rich HTML Editor

A webcontrol which renders a TextBox with As-You-Type spelling support. SpellTextBox inherits all the properties and methods of TextBox, and may be single-line or multi-line.

ASPNetSpell can detect and spellcheck over 200 rich HTML editors, including:

All Editors

A spell button with FieldsToSpellCheck set to

....will automatically detect and spell check all rich editors on the page in order of appearance.

e.g. All fields of any kink

<ASPNetSpell:SpellButton ID="SpellButton1" runat="server" FieldsToSpellCheck="ALL" />

e.g. All rich HTML editors

<ASPNetSpell:SpellButton ID="SpellButton1" runat="server" FieldsToSpellCheck="EDITORS" />


Some editors which disregard the ASP.Net framework's rendering policy must be approached in a more complex manner.

If The ID method doesn't work - simply wrap the Editor in a DIV - and set FieldsToSpellCheck to the ID of that DIV


<div id="myDiv">
...My Editor Code...
<ASPNetSpell:SpellButton ID="SpellButton1" runat="server" FieldsToSpellCheck="myDiv" />