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The ASP.Net Spell Checker


A webcontrol which renders a spell check button for web form elements. Clicking a SpellButton opens a pop up dialog with similar behavior the spellchecker in MS Word.


DictionaryLanguage string "English (International)" The dictionary language for the spell checker. To change the Dictionary value, you must first download a new dictionary (.dic) file , and copy it into the ~/AspNetSpellInclude/dictionaries directory. The value should match the file name (excluding the .dic extension).
FieldsToSpellCheck string "ALL" The ID or ClientID of the field(s) which the component will spell check when the SpellButton button is pressed. Read More...
InstallationPath string "~/AspNetSpellInclude" The path where you copied (installed) the AspNetSpellInclude folder in your website. It is simplest normally to keep this as ~/AspNetSpellInclude . If the InstallPath does is not correctly set, you will be given a visual warning in Visual Studio. A web path (http or https url) may be used - but you should not cross domains.
DeferScripts bool false Defers script execution until all other scripts are complete. This aids Legacy Internet Explorer compatibility.
BypassAuthentication bool false Wherever possible avoids instantiating Windows Integrated Security (NTLM) login windows by using the iFrame AJAX method.
AddWordsToDictionary AddToDicType User Where words are saved when a user clicks the 'adds to the dictionary' feature. 'User' saves locally in the user's browser cache. 'Server' saves centrally on your server and affects all other users. 'None' disables the feature
CaseSensitive bool true iNCoRReCtLy CaSed WordS ArE CoRRectEd
CheckGrammar bool true Basic structural grammar, repeated words and capitalized new sentences are corrected.
IgnoreNumeric bool true Words containing numbers such as 55BS73J or High5 are ignored
ShowMeaningsAndThesaurous bool true Shows a lookup meaning... feature for each spell checking suggestion.
ShowSummaryScreen bool true Show a summary statistics screen at the completion of spell checking.
StrictSpellCheck bool true Disalows users from ignoring banned words and enforced corrections located within: ~/AspNetSpellInclude/dictionaries/language-rules/
ButtonType string "ImageButton" Style of button to render.
  • "Button": renders an HTML input of type button
  • "ImageButton": renders an image with a rollover effect
  • "Link": renders a hyperlink
CSSTheme string "classic" Visual theme for the spellchecker dialog. Refers to a folder name in ~/AspNetSpellInclude/themes/
Image string "" Image file to render the SpellButton when the ButtonType is set to
HiddenButtons string "" A comma seperated list of button ids to remove from the dialog. E.g. 'btnAddToDict'
MeaningProvider string{word} URL expression for 'Lookup Meaning...' feature of the spellcheck dialog. See ShowMeaningsAndThesaurous
ModalDialog bool true Opens the spellcheck dialog as a modal "always-on-top" window.
RolloverImage string "" Image file to render a rollover effect when the SpellButton when the ButtonType is set to "ImageButton"
Text string "Spell Check" Text / Alt Text used to render the SpellButton.
UserInterfaceLanguage string "en" The User Interface language for the spellchecker dialog. ASPNetSpell has translations in over 50 world languages. Custom translations can also be used.


OnSpellCheckComplete event   PostBack Event Fired directly when a user completes spellchecking.

Often used in conjunction with ShowSummaryScreen=False