Advanced Language Control in ASPNetSPell

The ASPNetSpell offers routes to add and ban words from the vocabulary - as well as fine tune the spellchecker's performance.

Adding Words to The Dictionary

  • Add 1 word per line to ~/AspNetSpellInclude/Dictionaries/custom.txt

Where are users' "Add To Dictionary" Words Stored?

Please read the 'Add To Dictionary' Tutorial...

Banning Words From the Dictionary (Removing Vocabulary)

You can remove words from the dictionary (they will never be accepted as correct spellings) usng the banned words file. This is useful to remove disapproved acronmyns or foul language.

  • Add words to be banned to the file /ASPNetSpellInclude/dictionaries/language-rules/banned-words.txt
    • One word per line

Strict Mode (Legal Spell Check Mode)

By setting the Strict property to true - users cannot ignore these banned words. This is useful for Legal spellchecking applications.

Note: We offer a free Legal English Dictionary download

Make or Modify a Dictionary

Note: Do not attempt to modify .dic dictionaries by hand - it will stop them producing suggestions!

You can download the Dictionary Encoder Application to create your own .dic dictionary files.

Performance Tuning the ASPNetSpell Engine

Enforced Corrections

The enforced corrections file allows you to manually force a suggestion for any word

  1. Find /ASPNetSpellInclude/dictionaries/language-rules/enforced-corrections.txt
  2. Add lines to this file to add enforced spelling suggestions

Format: spelltextboxes--> SpellTextBoxes||SpellTextBoxe's||SpellTextBoxes'

  • ASPNetSpell will show all 3 suggestions in that order.

Common Typing Mistakes

The file contains a list of common typing errors which are used to fine tune the behavior of the fuzzy-logic suggestion engine. By modifying this file you can teach the spell-checker new rules.

  1. Find /ASPNetSpellInclude/dictionaries/language-rules/common-mistakes.txt
  2. Add or edit lines to this file to fine tune suggestion behavior


  • The typing mistake "abotu" should be "about"