ASPNetSpell Include Folder

The most common mistake is not forget to drag-and-drop the ASPNetSpellInclude include folder that you downloaded into the root (top level) of your website.

This results in the following errors:



In such a case - please re-read the Installation Guide

Ajax / WIzard issues

Occasionally developers using AJAX UpdatePannels or Wizard control have experiences issues with SpellTextAreas.

The issue here is with the AJAX framework is not prperly loading javascript include files in this situation.

Solution: Add a reference to /ASPNetSpellInclude/include.js in your document's <head> secton.

Do you have the latest release?

We are constantly upgrading this software. If you downloaded APSNetSpell more than a week ago - please:

All Words Show a Red Underline

The second most common issue - especially when going live. If the server can not read the dictionaries - all words will appear to be spelling mistakes.

  • Give EVERYONE access to READ the ~/ASPNetSpellInclude/dictionaries folder and all files and sub-directories inside.

Do you have the latest release?

We are constantly upgrading this software. If you downloaded APSNetSpell more than a week ago - please:

Hello World

We have free Hello World Projects for ASP.Net 1,2,3,3.5&4 - MVC2 - MVC3 and Razor. Download them and see if they help you get ASPNetSpell working...

DLL Version

There are 3 versions of the ASPNetSpell DLL depending on your ASP.Net version. Make sure you download the right one...

If you receive compiler errors about a "missing reference" - you have installed the wrong version. Remove ASPNetSpell from your toolbox and /bin folder - and then reinstall using the Installation Guide. This time, so not use the "Ajax enabled dll".

Works on Development But Not On Your Live Server?

Perhaps you have an NTLM authentication issue. Try setting:

  • BypassAuthentication = true

You can add this code to your page to get a full read-out of all client-server transactions and errors:

<script type="text/javascript"> var LIVESPELL_DEBUG_MODE = true;</script>

All Words are Underlined and No Spelling Suggestions Given

If correct words are shown as spelling mistakes - yet no spelling suggestions are given, then your dictionaries in ASPNetSpellInclude/dictionaries have not loaded:

  • Check that the .dic dictionary files in ASPNetSpellInclude/dictionaries have been uploaded
  • Give "EVERYONE" read permissions to those files

Rendering Issues with Legacy IE Browsers

Try setting

  • DeferScripts = true

De-Bugging Tools

Debugging Scripts

  • Browse to ~/ASPNetSpellInclude/debugging-test-scripts/Test.aspx
  • Browse to ~/ASPNetSpellInclude/debugging-test-scripts/Test-Instalation.ashx
  • Browse to ~/ASPNetSpellInclude/debugging-test-scripts/Test-Server-Ajax.aspx

These scripts should help identify any major issues.

Still Stuck?

If you are still stuck - please Contect us for support - we will be glad to help.

Be prepared to show a URL or a Hello-World project to illustrate the issue clearly.